A medium sized floral Fox & Chave silk habotai scarf featuring a pattern created after the original textile design for home furnishings entitled Cray, by William Morris (1834-96).

The pattern was originally designed in 1884 at Merton Abbey, and features a variety of flora depicted in shades of pink including chrysanthemums, thistles, and oak leaves, over a dark blue ground overlaid with smaller flower heads and buds.

Merton Abbey Mills is now a museum on the site of the former textile factory in the parish of Merton in London.



A Fox & Chave habotai silk scarf can be worn with the classic knot style or a pussycat bow. You can even create a shawl effect by knotting two scarves together behind your neck and allowing them to drape over your shoulders. More scarf styling ideas are available in this wonderful How to Tie a Scarf book.